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My Chemical Bromance

Why do I do it?

Because Design needs to evolve; the learning needs to continue; the ego needs to be swallowed; challenges need to be looked down upon; deadlines need to be met; clients are not always right; the truth has to be realized; fear has to be cast aside; fun needs to be had; and being just another slut in the world of commercial design in today’s age of widespread AIDS [Acquired Inferior Design Syndrome] could prove fatal.




Mohammad Uzair Akram

UECHO is about understanding, achieving, arguing against, questioning, reasoning with, and constantly challenging Art and Design till they reach a superior form of consciousness that continually push further the distance I let my imagination go to and the boundaries that each project leaves behind.

Mohammad Uzair Akram has been scribbling and doodling since he was a kid; but the art reached its climax in December of 2001 when he graduated with a BFA Degree in Communication Design from The Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, an art school in Karachi, Pakistan.

A week later he was seen tackling 5,760,000 pixels per second over extended hours day and night working as a New Media Designer at a local New Media Company. Six months later he said ‘Who said that!’ to a voice no one else in the office seemed to have heard (he decided to leave). He got his first freelance project the very next day. He established UECHO in July 2002 and the rest is HIStory …

He is a 42 year old Ambidextrous Artist living and working in Karachi, Pakistan. Moonlighting as a landscape designer in the family business, Roots & Shoots. He spends his free time designing websites and creating art with four solo exhibitions already to his name.


252/1, 34th Street, Khayaban e Iqbal, Phase 8, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan


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